About El Canelo Ranch

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El Canelo Ranch is located in deep South Texas just south of the famous King Ranch. The 3,200 acre El Canelo Ranch was originally part of the El Devisadero division of the historic 80,000 acre Yturria Ranch. Purchased by Fransico Yturria in 1863, this family owned ranch has been in continuous operation for 143 years. The ranch is a combination of rolling coastal plains and mesquite brush.

Located 45 minutes north of Harlingen, Texas and one hour south of Kingsville, Texas, the ranch is in the heart of Texas big deer country.

El Canelo Ranch is best known for great hunting and South Texas hospitality. Abundant whitetail deer, bobwhite quail, mourning doves, javelinas, nilgai, wild turkeys and wild boar keep hunters coming back year after year. Gourmet food, deluxe accommodations, and memorable scenery have left lasting impressions on visitors to the ranch for years.

Monica and Ray Burdette are the fifth generation to oversee the ranch and have incorporated the best of south Texas hospitality in the modern ranch experience. The Kenedy County ranch is mesquite and bluestem covered coastal plains that are home to El Canelo's cattle, big Whitetail Deer, Bobwhite Quail, Nilgai, Rio Grande Turkeys, Javelina, Wild Boar, and Morning Doves.

The Burdette's continue to improve ranch habitat with improvement projects in cooperation with Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, and Nature Conservancy. The wildlife improvements include the addition of a whitetail breeding program including artificial insemination with the help of Dr.Dennis Gourley. El Canelo's best south Texas breeder does were inseminated with the some of the best semen in North America.

In addition to its wildlife, El Canelo ranch is a working cattle ranch. Our South Texas and northern whitetail genetics are the best available. Incorporating high quality South Texas genetics including Caesar, Riser, VC, and Wheeler with the best northern genetics in the country has resulted in some of the best acclimated whitetail in Texas.

Whether you are a hunter, deer breeder, birdwatcher, or a Texas rancher, the El Canelo Ranch experience will be unforgettable.

For More Information Visit - www.elcaneloranch.com